Privacy Policy

Mongez App, a limited liability company, incorporated in accordance with the laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt (“Egypt”) located at 42 El-Moltaqa El Araby District, Sheraton, Cairo, Egypt, and registered under commercial register No. 116553 (“Mongez”,"we", or "our") operates and provides Mongez’s services as stipulated to in the Terms and Conditions (the "Services") via Mongez’s platform (the “Application”).
This aim of this policy (the “Privacy Policy”) is to inform you (the “User,” “you,” “your”) about Mongez’s policy regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personally identifiable information, which may be used to either determine the identity of the User or to contact the User (the “Personal Data”) when such User is using our Services. This policy applies to all Users using the Services, including the Customers and Workers.
Mongez uses your Personal Data in order to provide and improve the Services. The Personal Data collected by Mongez shall be used for purposes related to the core functionality of the Services as is defined in this Privacy Policy, and as per the Terms and Conditions of Mongez. By using the Services and by providing Mongez with your Personal Data, via the Application, you manifestly and expressly grant Mongez your consent to collect, use, handle and treat your Personal Data pursuant to the terms set forth in this Privacy Policy, for the purposes hereafter expressed.
Capitalized terms used herein, but not otherwise defined, shall have the same meaning ascribed to them in the Terms and Conditions.
I. Data Collection
Upon signing-up to Mongez, and in order to provide our Services, Mongez will require the User to provide different types of data.
1. Personal Data
In order to register with Mongez, and in order to use our Services, Mongez may ask you to supply certain Personal Data to create your personal account (the “User Account”) and profile (the “User Profile”), which information may include, but is not limited to:
(a) For the Customer:
(b) For the Worker: The Personal Data supplied by Users will be available on the User’s User Account and User Profile. The User may modify such Personal Data via the Edit option on the Application. Users of Application and Services undertake to provide real, correct, accurate and up-to-date Personal Data. The User shall be held severally liable for, and shall indemnify, defend and hold Mongez harmless against any and all, direct and indirect, damages or losses, asserted against, or incurred, or sustained or suffered by Mongez, as a result of, or arising out of or relating to any inaccuracy or lack of applicability or lack of authenticity of any of the Personal Data provided by the User.
2. Usage Data
Mongez gathers certain information when Users access the Services via a mobile device (the “Usage Data”). The User authorizes Mongez to collect Usage Data automatically, and such Usage Data includes, but is not limited to, the mobile device type, the hardware model, the IP address, the operating system, the software, the unique device identifiers, the advertising identifiers, the serial number, the Location Information (as defined below), the device motion information, the mobile network information, and other diagnostic information.
3. Cookies and Tracking Technology
Mongez employs the use of Cookies and other tracking technologies (such as beacons, tags, and scripts) to collect, track and retain certain information for the purpose of tracking, improving and assessing the provision of the Services. Mongez uses Cookies and tracking technologies to authenticate Users, to remember Users’ preferences, to determine the popularity of a content, and to analyze traffic trends.
Mongez uses Cookies for the following purposes: Please note that Users may refuse Cookies via their browser.
4. Location Information
Mongez may detect and collect a User’s exact or estimated geographic location information through GPS, IP address and WiFi (the “Location Information”), subject to the User’s Application settings or device permissions. For Customers, the Application collects Location Information in order to detect the Customer’s Delivery address. For Workers, the Application collects Location Information in order to allow the Customer to track the Deliveries in progress. Mongez may collect Location Information when the Application is running on your mobile device, if such Location Information detection is enabled through the User’s Application settings or through the mobile device permissions.
If a User has enabled the Location Information detection setting on their Application or through their mobile device, the User allows Mongez to share such Location Information with the Worker in order to provide the Services.
Users may access the Services without enabling Mongez to collect their Location Information. Mobile devices allow Users to disable the detection and collection of Location Information, which may allow Users to deny Mongez’s access to their Location Information. Accordingly, Customers will have to enter their Delivery address manually.
II. Use of Data
Mongez collects Personal Data, and any other information, for the following purposes:
1. Services: 2. Safety:

3. Customer Support: 4. Communication: 5. Maintenance: 6. Commercial:
Please note that Users may unsubscribe, via the “Unsubscribe” option, from receiving such e-mails and may disable such push notifications via the Application settings at any time.
III. Transfer Of Data
The Users’ Personal Data, and any other data collected (as stipulated in this Privacy Policy, the “Data Collected”), may be transferred to, and maintained on, servers located outside of Egypt, where the data protection laws may be different than those prevailing in Egypt. Mongez processes Personal Data, and the Data Collected in Egypt. Mongez will undertake the necessary action to ensure that the User’s Personal Data and the Data Collected is handled and treated in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Mongez will ensure that the User’s Personal Data and the Data Collected is not transferred to an entity or to a jurisdiction, unless such entity or jurisdiction implements and employs appropriate security measures and controls.
IV. Disclosure and Security Of Data
1. Disclosure of Data
Mongez undertakes that the Personal Data, and the Data Collected may not be disclosed, transferred, or used for a purpose other than to provide the Services, without the prior consent of the User. However, Mongez may, in good faith, when required, and if necessary, disclose your Personal Data: Moreover, for the purposes of providing the Services, Mongez may disclose your Personal Data:
2. Security Of Data
Mongez cannot guarantee the absolute security of the means by which Personal Data is sharedor diffused over the Internet, or the means by which Personal Data is stored electronically. Mongez will use its best endeavors and exert its best efforts to protect the Users’ Personal Data and Data Collected. Mongez is under a statutory obligation, pursuant to the Egyptian Law No. 175 of 2018 for Fighting Data Technology Crimes, to maintain the secrecy of Personal Data and Data Collected and not to disclose such data except where there is a justified competent court order to disclose such data. Mongez shall also uphold the security of Personal Data and the Data Collected and maintain the secrecy of said Personal Data and Data Collected and strive to protect them against hacking or damage.
V. Service Providers
Mongez may use third party entities or individuals to enable the provision of certain aspects of the Services on behalf of Mongez, or to analyze the provision of the Services (the "Third Party Service Providers"). Third Party Service Providers will have access to your Personal Data to carry out the tasks assigned by Mongez. Third Party Service Providers are under an obligation not to disclose such Personal Data nor repurpose such data for any purpose except for the purposes stipulated herein.
In the event that Personal Data is ceded to Third Party Service Providers (such as analytics tools, a parent, a subsidiary, a related or an affiliated entity), Mongez undertakes that the Personal Data shared shall be treated and handled in accordance with this Privacy Policy, and shall receive equal treatment and protection as provided herein. Mongez may use analytics service providers to monitor and analyze the use of our Services, such as: Please note that Users may revoke the features provided by Google Analytics and Firebase by following the guidelines stipulated in Google’s Privacy Policy:
VI. Data Access and Data Retention
1. Data Access
Prior to accessing the User’s Personal Data or Location Information, Mongez will request the User’s permission, and the User shall be entitled to consent to permit or deny to permit Mongez’s access to any data requested by Mongez. The Application will not access the User’s data, without such User’s prior authorization. Please note that each operating system employs a different permission system to obtain the User’s permission. Please consult the security guidelines of your mobile device’s relevant operating system.
2. Data Retention
In order to provide its Services, Mongez requires the User to provide certain Personal Data to build a User Profile and User Account. Mongez will retain such Personal Data, and other data pertaining to transactions, Location Information, and Usage Data, for tax, insurance and regulatory purposes, and to comply with the applicable laws and regulations of the jurisdiction in which Mongez carries out its Services. As soon as the retention of such data is no longer necessary, Mongez will undertake the necessary steps towards preventing access to such data. The User may delete its User Account, at any time, by contacting Mongez’s customer support Phone number : 01118022218 Website:
VII. Notifications
Mongez provides its Users with Delivery progress notifications, and any other updates pertaining to the User Account, the Application or the Services. Push notifications may be enabled or disabled through the Settings option of the Application.
VIII. Children's Privacy
Users must be at least 18 years of age in order to register with Mongez, and access its Services. Mongez’s Services are not directed at, and do not address individuals under the age of 18 ("Children"), and Mongez does not deliberately collect Personal Data from Children. In the event that Mongez realizes or is notified that a Child has provided Personal Data without a parent’s or a legal guardian’s prior consent, Mongez will take the necessary action towards removing such data from its servers. We urge any parent or legal guardian whose Child has provided Personal Data, without said parent or legal guardian’s prior consent, to contact Mongez’s customer support to rectify the situation.
IX. Changes to This Privacy Policy
Mongez may amend this Privacy Policy every now and then. Mongez will notify Users of any changes that may occur to this Privacy Policy by e-mail or via push notifications, prior to such amendment becoming effective. Such amendments shall take effect upon their publication on this website or on the Application. Your continued access to or use of the Services after the publication of the amended Privacy Policy constitutes your consent to be bound by the Privacy Policy as amended.
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